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Questica Inc. provides intuitive, powerful and advanced business solutions that suit the needs of the public sector and ETO industry. Their goal is to help every client make significant improvements in their productivity and profitability by assisting in streamlining their information systems.

Questica approached Cubicle Fugitive with the need to have a new website built in a very tight timeframe. Using a very powerful content management system and designs supplied by Questica themselves, we developed, tested and delivered a highly functional, easily extensible and search engine friendly website in record time.

Several years later, Questica was interested in refreshing the brand of their engineer-to-order (ETO) product. is a process, budgeting and project management software designed for manufacturers who design and develop custom products for clients. Cubicle Fugitive helped Questica develop a brand and website for their ETO product that conveys their points of difference, clearly articulates their unique understanding of their client’s business, differentiates the company from other software solution providers and cultivates more online sales of their product.

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