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SHOPTV Canada, a division of Torstar Media Group Television, which is owned and operated by Toronto Star Newspapers Limited, has been broadcasting infomercials 24 hours a day since 1997. SHOPTV is a shopping channel that airs both short- and long-form advertising with commercial lengths ranging from 30 seconds to 30 minutes. A basic cable offering, SHOPTV is available in approximately 1.7 million homes in Southern Ontario and Nova Scotia with a potential reach of over 4 million people.

As a long-term client of Cubicle Fugitive's, we have worked with them to create everything from logos and labels for their various product lines, to corporate trade show displays and sales kits.

One of the product lines we have worked on with SHOPTV is Green for Life, a new line of household cleaners and laundry care products that are scientifically developed for maximum cleaning power and minimal harm to the environment. Each product in this line has as little effect on the environment as possible, are environmentally safe, and organic. The company’s goal is to leave the environment in a better place than they found it. Not only are all the products friendly to people and the planet, but they are also more effective than the top selling toxic and eco-brands.

When approached to work on the branding for this exciting new venture, Cubicle Fugitive couldn’t wait to get started developing everything from the logo and packaging to various sales materials.

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