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pay-per-click advertising

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) has been all the rage over the last few years and unlike hoola hoops and pet rocks, we think it’s here to stay.

SEM and especially pay-per-click (PPC) ads are one of the most effective ways for professionals to drive traffic to their site.

Long ago, the ol’ phone book was how people found professional service providers. Now, most people turn to the Internet and type in ‘lawyer’, ‘accountant’, ‘dentist’, etc…into the search bar of Google. From there, two different types of results are served up – organic rankings and PPC ads found above the organic list.

Given that you can’t totally control where you fall in the organic rankings, PPC ads are a great way for you to control not only where you fall in the list, but also how much you spend.

Google AdWords

Google AdWords works like an auction where advertisers bid on keywords that a potential client may type into Google in hopes that their ad will appear, be “clicked”, and generate a lead or a sale. You only pay when someone clicks on your ad. 

Compared to other areas of media, Google AdWords is a comfortable medium because a large investment of money isn’t required and your campaign’s daily budget can be increased, decreased or paused at any time depending on its performance. 

When creating your campaign, our certified Google Adwords specialists will analyze your market and needs first as strategies vary for business-to-business (B2B) firms, independent professionals, and client/consumer focused markets. It is also important for us to understand your campaign goal, whether it is obtaining new client leads, registrations, brand awareness, and/or subscriptions to your newsletter. And if you’re not sure, don’t worry – we can review your options with you.

LinkedIn Ads

Contrary to popular belief, LinkedIn is not just for when you want a new job.

LinkedIn Ads allow you to place ads on pages within the LinkedIn website. These ads work a little bit different than Google. For instance, with LinkedIn you can select a targeted audience to view your ads by industry, geography, age, gender, company, seniority, etc. and there are no keywords to bid on. The other difference is that you have the option to pay when someone clicks your ad - cost per click (CPC) or on the amount of people who see your ad - cost per impressions (CPM). There is also a one-time charge of $5 for activation. Similar to Google, you can start or stop your ads as often as you’d like.

We can help you with your LinkedIn Ads by:

  • Researching your target market and understand their online habits
  • Discovering keywords including first, second and third level micro-targeting
  • Writing the ads, testing and tweaking them – we’ll write winning ads!
  • Managing your Pay-Per-Click (PPC) campaign whether it be Google’s AdWords or LinkedIn Ads
  • Assisting in campaign metrics like cost per sale or Return on Investment (ROI)
  • Tracking conversions and leads to your site with Google Analytics
  • Continually optimizing your ads for the greatest Click Through Rates (CTR), leads/sales and Quality Score


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