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When it comes to marketing, get out from behind the eight ball.

Marketing in reactive mode can be exhausting and expensive. Even just a little planning can go a long way. From pre-booking media and advertising space to building editorial calendars for blogs, newsletters, and social media postings to scheduling speaking engagements for the year, we can help you get your marketing ducks all in a row for effective and cost-efficient deployment.

At Cubicle Fugitive, we work with firms and companies of all sizes to build cohesive marketing plans that can be executed on a team and individual level. We provide you with the strategy, the well-defined target markets, and the tactics and action plans to achieve your goals.

Let's face it, we're not all natural born rainmakers. Some of us need a little help knowing what to do in order to generate business for our firm. We can also coach you and your team on how to write blogs and what to do with them once written, how to use LinkedIn to build your online brand and generate business, how to network and sell yourself online and off. 

We recognize that every professional has different strengths. For some, networking and speaking engagements aren't their strong suit, but instead are eloquent writers and therefore well-suited for things like blogging or writing articles. Cubicle Fugitive will focus on the strengths of the group in order to create the most effective and efficient marketing plan for that team or practice area. 

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