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May 24, 2017
Posted in Marketing | Branding

Ch-ch-ch-ch-changes: LSUC amends advertising and fee rules

By: Alexander Smith

Many changes have been afoot in the legal space with the Law Society of Upper Canada’s (LSUC) new rules on advertising and fee arrangements a...


Jun 15, 2016
Posted in Development | Web | Branding | Marketing

My Nephew Built our Website

By: Kalvin MacLeod

The 7 Deadly Sins of Web Development There are two undisputable truths in this world: One, every business needs a website and two, everybody has, ...

Jan 13, 2012
Posted in Branding

So, what makes a good logo?

Since the dawn of time we have used symbols to communicate. Today we have universal symbols, traffic symbols, web symbols and monkeys with cymbals....



Aug 23, 2011
Posted in Branding

The hardest job in the world

Ok, maybe not the hardest but for a designer, redesigning a completely new identity (especially your own) is definitely one of the most difficult t...


Aug 12, 2011
Posted in Branding

Publically exposing ourselves

By: Morgan MacLeod

Going public with this process begs a simple question: Why bother? Why, after 8 years of organic growth, are we embarking on the challenging proces...


Aug 5, 2011
Posted in Branding | Development

Cue the second post

By: Kalvin MacLeod

So how’s this for transparency: I posted the original public execution blog post more than a month ago and asked that you stay tuned. Cue th...




Jun 27, 2011
Posted in Branding

Hello world. Welcome to our experiment.

By: Kalvin MacLeod

What is the experiment, you ask. Well first a little history. We’re a boutique professional services marketing agency which started out ...


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