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Transforming strategies from ideas to design.

Design and Advertising

Great design can transform a brand and change how you see a company or firm. It infuses all aspects of our life and is a critical tool to stand out amongst the sea of similar professional service providers.

As a digital and traditional design and advertising agency, Cubicle Fugitive’s design team is skilled in both graphic design for print, online, mobile, and experiential marketing such as tradeshows and events.

Our team of designers understands that although we love to get creative, often a law firm, educational institution, healthcare practice, or accounting firm doesn’t want to push the envelope too far. We’ll work with you to find the best design to meet your objectives and drive your strategy. We’ll provide you with multiple examples and concepts for each project to be sure a few of them will appeal to both your clients and your most conservative stakeholders.

As a full-service brand, design, advertising, and digital agency, we not only pride ourselves on creating beautiful creative, but want to ensure it delivers. We want to be your in-house design and marketing team who understands your firm and brand almost as well as you do. To mitigate any issues that can arise during the design process, we take the time to understand your goals, vision, target markets, and requirements from the very beginning. We attempt to provide you with a clear vision of what we propose creating for you, as well as, provide updated estimates before we execute any concept. We know clients like options, so we will often provide clients with a range of options for consideration, from simple-to-execute to highly customized and something in between.

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We regularly partner with professional service firms to deliver marketing and design solutions backed by strategy and insight.

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