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Custom designed websites with our client’s user experiences in mind.

Website Design

Cubicle Fugitive has been designing and developing law firm and professional service websites since 2003. We have a deep understanding of the legal industry and professional services, and intimately know how clients use and navigate a website. We are passionate about identifying a firm’s brand and reflecting those points of difference on all your marketing materials, including your website. We understand the need to stand out in a sea of similar service providers and take great care to visually position a firm online to enhance their competitive advantage and client value proposition.

With a strong foundation and understanding of who your firm or company is from our strategic discovery phase, we will work with key stakeholders to design a new website that appeals to your client base, helps to attract prospective professionals and students to join the firm and differentiates the firm from competitors in a meaningful and professional manner.

Drawing upon our strategic discovery work from other phases, we will custom design new home page options that carry forth the visual brand of the firm. If engaged for brand strategy or campaign work, we will provide a series of headlines and visuals that can establish the visual brand for the firm. These are often used in the firm’s external advertising as a campaign.

Regardless of what aspects of a firm’s brand and website design and development process we are retained for, we will design a user journey that is effortless, targeted and optimized to lead a prospect to their desired information in as few steps as possible, all while highlighting other related content to deepen the experience and lead to the desired call-to-action.

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