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CMS Training and Support

The software that we use is very intuitive and easy to manage. We will provide initial training for as many people as necessary that covers how to administer all aspects of the website including page creation, content editing, Google analytics integration, and much more.

We also provide a full user guide for reference along with video how-tos for all major site functionality. We supply all files necessary to properly manage your website including graphics and templates. The nature of our CMS offering ensures that anyone with proper permission can easily edit any pages to which they are given access. While not recommended, the shell of the website (e.g. location of logo, navigation, etc.) can also be edited by manipulating the templates themselves. In essence, there is nothing that cannot be edited in-house.

Once training is complete, all updates can be performed internally.

While all updates and content revisions can be performed by internal stakeholders with a minimum amount of training, we do also offer ongoing support and maintenance either hourly or on a monthly basis. Our typical process is to provide as-needed ongoing support hourly for at least the first 6 months and then firms can decide whether to continue with this type of package or set up a more predictable monthly fee.

As mentioned above, the CMS is very user-friendly and once your staff is fully trained most day to day activities can be done in-house with little input from us. It should be noted that our software comes with a robust module builder that can allow non-web developers an opportunity to create fairly complex functionality with little to no coding experience. We, of course, are happy to help with any functional enhancements and they would simply be handled on a case-by-case basis.

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