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Gairdner Foundation: Website Design and Development


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With a new set of nominations and winners to be announced in March of 2023, Gairdner began the journey to redesign and develop their website with Cubicle Fugitive during the summer of 2022. Through a series of discovery interviews with key stakeholders at the Gairdner Foundation, coupled with a comprehensive audit of the foundation’s website content and requirements, Cubicle Fugitive guided the process of crafting a dynamic, user-friendly, and sophisticated website.

The revamped website showcases the esteemed Gairdner award nominees and winners while highlighting the foundation’s events and endeavours in advancing scientific research. Adopting a visually stunning approach, the website seamlessly integrates videos and imagery into every page, effectively conveying key messages and providing visual interest. Furthermore, the website incorporates dynamic modules to present the foundation’s multi-day events in an engaging manner.

Cubicle Fugitive paid meticulous attention to detail to enhance the user experience and elevate visual interest.

Cubicle Fugitive paid meticulous attention to detail to enhance the user experience and elevate visual interest. Each unique page features customized images meticulously selected to complement the corresponding event, news piece, insight, or page. Additionally, events are presented in a visually captivating “ticket stub” design, offering a playful yet visually appealing element on the website.

With a firm deadline of March 30th, Cubicle Fugitive successfully migrated, audited, and edited content from the original website, encompassing a substantial archive of 400 past winners, 75 insights, and numerous events. The new site is a testament to the advancement of science in the past and future and will serve the Gairdner Foundation and its community for years to come.

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