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  • Computer Programmer Analyst Diploma, Centennial College (2002)
  • Hons B.A. in Economics, University of Toronto (1999)

With a profound appreciation for the client experience, JT develops websites and database systems that are functional, creative, and forward-thinking while being easy to maintain, update, and enhance. A web developer of nearly 20 years, he is highly adaptable to changes in technology but experienced enough to distinguish sustainable solutions from passing trends.

Prior to joining Cubicle Fugitive, JT spent nearly a decade producing web-based reporting solutions for one of Canada’s largest banks. His combined knowledge in economics and computer programming allows him to understand the crucial role that technology plays in all sectors and industries.

A natural problem-solver, JT quickly turns a client’s technical issues into opportunities to strengthen their brand, expand their reach, and grow their business.

Regardless of the size of client or website, JT puts forth the same high quality work that both you and your project deserve. Technology may not be your forte, however, JT’s responsiveness and ongoing support will certainly take the daunting edge off.

When not working, JT can be found coaching one of his five kids’ soccer or hockey teams or knocking down the occasional three-pointer on the basketball court. And in case you are curious, it stands for John Timothy.

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