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Education Marketing

Universities, colleges, and research facilities are dynamic organizations that make profound contributions to our economy and society. They are expansive institutions that serve a multitude of stakeholders which, by their very nature, can be challenging from a marketing standpoint. From prospective students and current students—including graduates looking to advance their careers, and mature students in search of new ones—to research partners and grant providers, universities and colleges are constantly challenged to create a unified, overarching brand that resonates with different audiences and targets their specific interests.

Marketing in the post-secondary education and research sectors requires a deep understanding of each target group—and how best to reach them and motivate them to enroll in your program, partner with your research department, or support your students with real-world work experience. With a host of internal stakeholders all weighing in on a brand, marketing, website, or advertising campaign project, getting something to the launch can be challenging.

Since 2003, we have worked closely and collaboratively with universities, colleges, and research institutes, to build brand identities that are meaningful and sustainable, help uncover new opportunities for class development and growth markets, create marketing strategies that leverage your unique value propositions both online and offline, and design and develop enterprise websites with the depth of information and complex databases required to serve a robust constituency while still being as easy to navigate as they are nice to look at. We understand the need to get meaningful input from everyone involved in the process and routinely interview, survey and perform other market research to bring key stakeholder goals together with a clear strategy and a tactical plan that delivers.

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