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Communication is an art.

Corporate Communications

Corporate communications refer to the various ways in which companies and organizations establish their brand, handle crises, communicate changes, and engage with stakeholders, clients, employees, the media, agencies, and the industry as a whole. It encompasses a wide range of communication mediums, such as website content, news and media releases, brochures, social media posts, emails, videos, podcasts, infographics, and illustrations that are utilized to convey important messages to the intended audiences.

Corporate communications are the foundation of every successful company; at Cubicle Fugitive, we are committed to building that foundation for you.

Our communications team assists clients in developing and executing effective corporate messaging strategies. We help you identify your target audiences, determine the key messages you need to convey and ensure that your messaging is aligned with your brand. With this information, we create custom corporate communication materials that help you achieve your objectives.

News and Media Releases

Whether your firm is hiring a prominent new professional, part of an important matter, transaction, or tombstone, merging with another firm, spearheading a newsworthy event or cause, receiving a high-profile award, or celebrating a milestone anniversary news posts and press releases can serve as excellent tools to gain profile and awareness. At Cubicle Fugitive, we specialize in crafting compelling stories and hooks that will make your news and media releases relevant, meaningful, and worthwhile to your audiences.

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