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Brands built from the inside out.

Internal and Employee Branding

The most successful brands are built from the inside out. With professional services, the service is inseparably linked with the provider, and clients are in effect in the factory with us, watching everything be produced along the way. The most successful firms strive to ensure that the quality of that work is consistently upheld, client expectations are always met, and that there is little variability between service providers within the firm.

Given that a firm’s greatest assets are its people, it is imperative that everyone understand the firm’s brand and its positioning so that their actions are consistent with the messaging put out to the market. If they aren’t, the firm loses power and credibility with its clients.

With the right internal marketing strategy, all employees should know how to properly handle every client interaction.

To truly understand what the employee value proposition is, we start by developing a foundational knowledge of the firm, its brand, culture, clients, and overall business strategy. We don’t look to change the culture of an organization; we look to understand what makes it special and how it has attracted talent and clients throughout its history. Often, professional services firms attract similar personalities. There is very often a common thread that binds those people together and helps determine why they work at that firm versus another.

While many places will call this “firm fit”, we look beyond basic similarities to understand the philosophy, character, and higher goals of an organization. Working backwards, we then help determine and define what personality traits, skillsets, and belief systems are required to deliver the client value proposition.

We then work with firms to ensure they can attract the best people to do the work; ones who understand and believe in the firm’s mission.  

Attracting the Best Talent

Law firms compete not only in the selling of their services but also in attracting and retaining the best talent. Human resources and brand managers need to jointly develop applicant and employee evaluation guidelines based on the philosophy of the firm and its brand promise.

We recommend performing an audit that looks at talent management, hiring, mentorship, career development, recognition programs, collaboration programs, partnership agreements, and flex arrangements to determine if these policies and programs are reinforcing the firm’s brand.

As expectations change, workplaces are being pressured to evolve to meet the needs of younger lawyers to attract the best talent. As more millennials (and soon members of Gen Z) enter the legal market and begin to take on prominent roles at their firms, we recommend being open to modern approaches to practicing law. Based upon the results from our study of millennial lawyers, we recommend firms consider whether they are offering:

  • Access to interesting, rewarding, and worthwhile work;
  • Opportunities for growth and career progression;
  • Competitive wages and incentives;
  • A true account of the firm’s values and philosophies;
  • Excellent training and mentorship;
  • A commitment to business development and marketing programs; and,
  • A strong firm brand.

We pay great care to the brand messaging we create with firms to ensure their student and recruitment materials are meeting the needs of the market and are attracting the right people to deliver on their brand promise.

Internal Brand Campaign

Internal communications campaigns should have their basis in the real-world happenings of the firm. Campaigns that are based on real brand stories and truths resonate with people more and are proven to be the most effective means of influencing employees’ brand knowledge, attitudes, and behaviours.

Studies show that the outcomes of internal communication campaigns include increased employee commitment, shared vision, service-minded approach, loyalty, and satisfaction. When people care about the brand and believe in it, they are motivated to work harder and their loyalty to the firm increases.

Campaigns that are geared towards both external and internal stakeholders are the most effective for both efficiency and effectiveness. Having consistent messaging across both channels sends a signal to your employees that you stand behind these values. They need to be based upon fact and reinforce the true culture and value that the firm offers to its stakeholders.

For a brand to succeed, it is essential that brand messaging and promises are communicated to all staff by the firm’s management with clear expectations on their role in delivering upon the brand position. Each person within a professional services firm should understand how they can live their brand.

At Cubicle Fugitive we build brands, articulate employee value propositions, and create internal brand campaigns that ring true for employees and clients alike. Reach out to us for your next advertising strategy.  

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