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McLennan Ross: Brand Positioning and Strategy


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Having been through a previous brand exercise, McLennan Ross engaged Cubicle Fugitive to refine its messaging and redefine the firm’s visual identity. Cubicle Fugitive worked closely with the firm’s senior marketing and executive leadership team to ensure each voice of the firm was heard and considered during this project phase. A series of in-depth stakeholder interviews were conducted across the firm, and a thorough audit of the competitive landscape and the firm’s service offerings was also conducted.

Once the qualitative data and research were compiled and analyzed, our team got to work on uncovering and refining the firm’s unique client and employee value proposition. Our findings showed that the lawyers possessed an unwavering yet grounded approach to advocacy, enabling clients to feel confident that the firm has the bench strength to find a resolution and the determination and resolve needed for addressing even the most complex legal matters. Known for their enterprising approach, the lawyers of McLennan Ross are highly skilled, creative thinkers who possess considerable amounts of business and common sense.

To communicate this message, our team established three core brand associations to define McLennan Ross--real, resolute, and enterprising.

To communicate this message, our team established three core brand associations to define McLennan Ross--real, resolute, and enterprising. For the firm’s brand launch and advertising campaign, we focused on fierce, authentic, and pragmatic as the firm’s brand pillars. These brand pillars reinforce the firm’s points of difference and are used to guide future marketing. We used these brand associations to inform the firm’s new About Us, Why McLennan Ross, Our Promise, and Join Us website copy and drive the firm’s brand and advertising campaign.

As titans in their field, the firm required a new logo that aptly conveyed their strength, sophistication, and leadership in law. We then emboldened the brand with a uniquely vibrant colour palette to highlight the firm’s fierce and enterprising approach. We carefully selected new serif and san serif fonts to convey the approachability (authentic) and clarity (pragmatic) the firm provides clients.

The brand was then extended across a new website, infused into the written and visual brand content, and carried across multiple advertising campaigns and social media.

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