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Barcus Arenas PLLC: Public Adjusters Brochure


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Barcus Arenas PLLC is a law firm located in Houston, Texas, that provides strategic legal consultation and representation services to property owners, business owners, and individuals for property damage and insurance claims. Recognizing the significant role of Public Adjusters in generating referrals for the firm’s services, Barcus Arenas PLLC wanted to create a brochure that they could distribute at the 2024 Texas Association of Public Insurance Adjusters Spring Conference. The purpose of this brochure was to generate brand awareness among Public Adjusters as the firm was established in 2022 and was still building their presence in the legal industry.

For the design of the brochure, Barcus Arenas PLLC wanted a professional and modern look. The firm supplied our team with a chosen colour palette as well as attorney photographs; however, most of the creative decisions were left up to our team. Additionally, the brochure’s copy had to align with the target audience of Public Adjusters and emphasize why they should work with and/or refer clients to the firm. We also had the opportunity to include Barcus Arenas PLLC’s tagline “Better Advice. Better Advocates.” in the brochure.  

With the objective of promoting awareness of the firm’s brand, our team created two brochure mock-ups that effectively captured the unique brand essence of Barcus Arenas PLLC while highlighting the advantages for Public Adjusters in choosing to collaborate with the firm.     

Each brochure mock-up had its own modern design concept aimed at helping the firm stand out at the trade show. The first mock-up was in full colour, providing a vibrant and captivating look, with a roll-fold layout, while the second mock-up encompassed black and white images, as well as images with blue overlays, to provide a clean and consistent look, with an accordion fold layout. The copy included in either mock-up emphasized the meaning behind “Better Advice. Better Advocates.” by articulating how Barcus Arenas PLLC delivers tailored counselling and formulates strategic approaches that align with the best interests of their clients.

With no revisions for us to implement, the firm was highly satisfied with both brochure mock-ups. They even decided to preserve the design they didn’t choose for potential use in a future brochure. Our team also assisted the firm with printer sourcing and coordination, ensuring that the brochures were ready on time for the trade show. Barcus Arenas PLLC continues to work with our agency, allowing us to create further marketing and branding collateral that strategically showcases their unique brand identity.

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