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Everyone should have access to justice, health, and information to lead to better, fuller lives.

Why We Exist

Our clients include a range of professionals from the legal, healthcare, education, accounting, engineering, and business sectors. They are informed, engaged, and invested in ensuring people have access to justice, health, information, financial freedom, and infrastructure to lead to better, fuller lives.

We firmly believe that all people should be afforded the best professional expertise and advice possible. Our job is to ensure those that do great work are found by those that need them.

We’re passionate about creating a positive impact. And, this passion drives us to help our clients understand and articulate the true value they have to offer. With their value proposition and competitive advantage in hand, we ensure people consider them first for their respective service and help them create deep, meaningful connections with their clients.

Why did Cubicle Fugitive form in the first place?

Quite simply, we thought we could do better.

Having been “in-house” and on the “client-side” for numerous years we dreamed of hiring a marketing and web development firm that actually listened and cared about our companies as much as we did. We wanted more for ourselves and our clients.

We had been pitched to, prodded by, and sold to by outside vendors and agencies for over a decade.  They told us what they do, not what we should do. They told us what was wrong but rarely came with a solution. They talked more than they listened. Frankly speaking, they didn’t seem to care.

We believed there was an opportunity to become a better marketing agency, one that sought to:

  • Look for solutions, not just answers
  • Consider every client’s issue unique, even if it wasn’t
  • Follow through, without over-complicating the process
  • Wonder “why not”, before ever telling a client no
  • Listen, instead of telling or selling
  • Cultivate real relationships with our clients and care about their success
  • Be as passionate, if not more, about their firm and success than they are

At Cubicle Fugitive, we strive to be smarter, better, and more effective for our clients every day. We do this with the same passion, humour, and tenacity that we do for our company.


Ready to start a project?

Our breadth of expertise and years of experience allows us to custom tailor solutions that are perfect for your business. Contact us to find out how.

work together.

We regularly partner with professional service firms to deliver marketing and design solutions backed by strategy and insight.

If you're looking for a firm that understands your challenges, has the expertise to provide real-world, actionable solutions and can turn you and your firm into rockstars, get in touch today. We'd love to hear from you.

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