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Finding your target market and delivering them to your firm.

Media Planning and Advertising Research

A marketing plan is your tactical plan for growth and rollout of your new positioning strategy and campaign. Regardless of whether tactics are to be executed in person, online, or in traditional forms of media, the overarching plan should be driven by the strategy of the firm.

With our seasoned marketing, design, and media relations team in place, we will develop a marketing and communications plan with an emphasis on determining the best options for delivering on the firm’s objectives.

We often recommend starting with a review and analysis of the firm’s current marketing plans to provide an audit of what is working, what is not delivering as it should, and where opportunities for growth exist. We start by performing an audit of any current marketing and business plans including specific tactics and initiatives such as advertising campaigns, sponsorships, firm or company events, speaking engagements, SEO, and content marketing strategies, to help ensure the firm’s budgets are allocated in the most advantageous mediums possible.

Depending upon what is currently available through our initial marketing audit, we might recommend expanding our research to include an analysis of data garnered through the syndicated research study RTS, Canada's largest syndicated study with a sample of over 40,000 Canadians, or in the US through Nielsen Scarborough research. This would be used to help determine the best opportunities for growth, both online and off, and develop plans that will not only drive results but will also draw upon the expertise of the firm.

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