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MacDonald, Illig, Jones & Britton, LLP: Strategic and Marketing Plan


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MacDonald, Illig, Jones & Britton, LLP had just completed the first phase of their succession planning and was looking to embark on a new strategic plan and marketing proposal for their firm. When they sought advice on the Legal Marketing Association listserv of who to use, our name kept coming up.

In 2018, we worked closely with the firm’s management committee and marketing team to audit and evaluate the firm’s current marketing initiatives. We reviewed revenues, budgets, and allocations to maximize returns and focus on strategic initiatives. We sought to find cost savings and ensure that every dollar and resource was properly allocated to grow the firm’s business, brand, and profile in Erie and surrounding areas. We also provided an evaluation of the firm’s client development and retention strategies, business development tactics, brand building and awareness plans, and corporate social responsibility initiatives, as well as, recommendations and specific tactics to implement.

With a background and foundation in research, we dived into economic development and labor market reports.

While ensuring the firm’s marketing budgets were strategically allocated is important, we also looked to growth opportunities through the development of a comprehensive strategic plan. We also worked closely with Metroeconomics to provide a wide-ranging demographic and labor market overview. With insights into population trends and projections and an outlook on the local, regional, and national economy drivers, we were able to provide guidance on business opportunities and industry and practice focus for the firm.

With the desire to have all ongoing practice and individual marketing plans be implemented internally going forward, we created best practice guides for MacDonald, Illig, Jones & Britton, LLP that included everything from what to include in your annual strategic plans to recommendations and toolkits on content marketing, social media marketing, and events and conferences.

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