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Loopstra Nixon: Advertising Campaign


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Following recent expansions, Loopstra Nixon aimed to establish a unified and inclusive brand identity that encompassed all of their practice groups. The firm was looking for Cubicle Fugitive to provide recommendations on how to increase brand awareness, reach their target audience and to determine the best media platforms and messaging to launch their new ad campaign.  

We started with our discovery process, where we examined the stakeholder interviews from the brand exercise, reviewed the firm’s strategic marketing report, and performed a competitive audit. The goal was to create a cohesive message that was both meaningful and distinct, avoiding any dilution of the firm’s unique character.

To bring the campaign to life, new key messaging, compelling headlines, and visually captivating design elements were created for digital and print advertising materials in Toronto’s PATH and elevators. The brand copywriting team was inspired by Loopstra Nixon’s recent newspaper quote about being “unapologetically mid-market.” We envisioned taking the “un” concept to a new level and showing how the firm is untraditional in its approach, which is precisely what its clients want and need.

We envisioned taking the “un” concept to a new level and showing how the firm is untraditional in its approach, which is precisely what its clients want and need.

The foundation of the major concept emerged from the firm's fundamental brand principle centred on prioritizing clients. At the core of their brand identity lies their commitment to putting clients first. This dominant theme is evident in the lively orange colour that embodies their client-centric approach to communications. This concept was brought to life through print and video advertising campaigns, prominently featuring the orange ball as the focal point, demonstrating the firm's distinctiveness amid competitors (emerging as the standout orange ball amidst a sea of blue).

With the launch of the new campaign, Loopstra Nixon wanted to build excitement amongst the internal team by forming fun and interactive ways to engage participation and support. To start, their Director of Marketing and Business Development with the help of her marketing team, created a teaser video #UndeniablyLN for the campaign. Following that, the firm bolstered the campaign by utilizing initiatives such as scavenger hunts within the Toronto PATH to help the firms audiences locate the ads.

The firm was overjoyed by the positive feedback from its clients, business partners, and others within the legal industry. 

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