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Loopstra Nixon: Website Design and Development


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Loopstra Nixon approached Cubicle Fugitive wishing to infuse their young and dynamic energy into all aspects of their brand; this included creating a new website that would offer functionality and a modern design that could carry the firm forward.

The Cubicle Fugitive team faced the challenge of developing a website that was easy to navigate, included unique design elements, and represented over 45 years of experience, while demonstrating the modern approach of the younger leadership team. To achieve these objectives, the team implemented digital solutions to aid clients in finding relevant information regarding the firm, expertise, recruitment, and news. All areas of the website were organized based on user navigation habits. We then ensured all content accurately reflected the services offered by Loopstra Nixon and made it easy for clients to find key contact information.

Based on client interviews and a thorough auditing process, our website team decided to create a new Client Successes module that would showcase the incredible work that Loopstra Nixon is known for. In addition, we developed a unique timeline featuring the history of Loopstra Nixon. The Our Firm timeline, allows the user to scroll throughout the page and included photos and key milestones important to the firm.

As a firm with young leadership paving the way, we wanted to introduce a colour that would signify a fresh, young, and bold brand image.

From a design perspective, Loopstra Nixon's website is unique, featuring design elements that relate to their logo and brand, utilizing the firm’s blue and new orange colours; the inclusion of an orange accent colour was introduced by the Cubicle Fugitive team in order to signify the Loopstra Nixon brand difference of being audacious, bold, hungry, fearless, and undaunted. As a firm with young leadership paving the way, we wanted to introduce a colour that would signify a fresh, young, and bold brand image.

We also customized each website banner with unique design elements. The firm’s "big idea" was originally built around using the shapes and the orange pop of colour to represent the client focused approach (the orange ball among all the blue), this is transferred to the custom designed banners on all the inside pages where the orange ball is always the focus, with that orange representing the clients. This fun approach is modern and eye-catching, yet able to help the brand stay relevant in the future.

The Cubicle Fugitive team thoroughly enjoyed the creative challenge of designing this website and are excited to see the elements of Loopstra Nixon's brand extend into other areas of the firm.

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