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  • Introduction to Marketing, McMaster University (2019)

Cindy is a marketing professional who combines a keen attention to detail with big-picture thinking to provide sophisticated yet simplified marketing solutions for the professional service provider. She effectively leads and manages complex website design and development projects with exceptional organizational skills, creativity, and boundless energy.

Drawing on 20 years of operations experience at a major financial institution, Cindy plays a key role in establishing processes that increase the transparency, timeliness, and efficiency of the services provided to her clients and colleagues alike. In addition to the management of print and website initiatives, Cindy regularly handles the estimating and invoicing of client work as well as the hiring, onboarding, and coaching of the Cubicle Fugitive team.

A leader in client service, Cindy delivers strategic expertise and marketing support tailored to each professional’s unique approach and objectives.

She understands the nuances of every client by listening to their concerns, identifying their pain points, and ensuring that what we deliver truly meets their needs.

When working with Cindy, you can trust that she will assemble the best team for your project, vision, goals, timeline, and budget. Passionate about mentorship and happiness in the workplace, she excels at supporting her peers to not only maximize their individual growth but in turn, the success of our clients.

A self-proclaimed “extroverted introvert”, Cindy is primarily responsible for orchestrating any of the fun that is had in the office. Outside of work, her uber competitive spirit can be seen playing a variety of team sports including baseball, golf, and volleyball. Cindy also enjoys applying her extreme logistical skills and eye for design at home – she says she was this close to becoming an interior decorator.

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