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Our CMS is best-in-class.

Content Management System (CMS)

Content management is the backbone of any successful website. If it is too difficult to use, administrators will not benefit from it and if it is too difficult to program upon, your site will quickly become stale and dated. That is why we use a best-in-class platform as the basis of all our law firm websites (and other professional service websites as well). Our solution allows for easy updates and changes with minimal training; it provides easy access to building lawyer profiles with almost limitless linking capabilities and a sophisticated document management system with searching and sorting capabilities that can all be managed in-house.

This CMS also ensures that the sites we build are extremely user-friendly, search engine friendly and, just as importantly, administrative-friendly.

Our seasoned technology team specializes in developing enterprise-level websites with complex interlinking and database requirements. While we can develop in any system including WordPress, Sitecore, Kentico, and Adobe, our preferred solution is Sitefinity, an enterprise CMS platform used by fortune 500 companies.

While not opensource like WordPress, it does have a very large ecosystem of over 2 million developers and tens of thousands of enterprise implementations. Because our CMS is not built with a variety of disparate plugins and a mishmash of coding techniques, it is highly secure, easy to maintain, quick to update, and very simple to learn. It has powerful tools that make your marketers look like superstars, will please the strictest of IT departments and will wow your clients.

  • Team
  • Expertise
  • Industries
  • Offices
  • Blogs
  • Resources (newsletters, publications, presentations, books, etc.)
  • Testimonials
  • FAQs
  • Images
  • Documents
  • Cases
  • Firm Awards

All of these widgets share the same basic interface and work seamlessly together meaning you can quickly interlink any module with any other. And while each of these modules shares a basic administrative functionality, they also are fully customizable and can be used in very unique and powerful ways. For example, the team module can be customized to have multiple versions of bios, can be grouped into unique teams (e.g. Management Team or Marketing Team), can have an unlimited number of custom fields and can produce pdf and word versions for presentations.

Another unique advantage of our solution is that we have fully customized it to ensure proper WCAG 2.1 accessibility features. As an administrator of the site, you will not have to worry about any accessibility issues as the system handles everything automatically including alt-tags, aria labels, tab ordering, form fields, proper keyboard navigation, and heading structure.

Our system is fully integrated with Google Analytics so that all reports are shown in the CMS dashboard, eliminating the extra step of logging into the analytics dashboard on Google. Enhanced reports are also available giving further insight into customer journeys. Essentially, we provide a full 360-degree view of your website traffic and user patterns and can help make sense of this information and provide targeted and actionable plans to improve usage over time.

Finally, our solution is extremely SEO friendly. We use all best practices when designing and developing a website to ensure that the structure is in place to appease Google’s ranking algorithm. Furthermore, we provide full control over all SEO meta tags including title, description, keywords, etc. and fully automate the creation of all structured data tags required by search engines. In short, everything you need to ensure high rankings is available at your fingertips and is fully automated where need be.

We truly believe that our solution is second to none as is incomparable to other vendor’s options. We would be happy to provide a hands-on demo of the system to show you some of the power and capabilities so that you can make a true comparison between options.

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Future Proof

Our process, combined with our technology, makes future-proofing your website easy. The keys to having a website that can grow with you are the following:

Choose the right technology.

It is important to choose the right underlying technology, one that is easily upgradeable and easily extended and our solution is both. With our CMS, upgrades can be done very quickly to ensure you have the most recent software and the newest functionality, and the entire system is easily extendable, meaning any new custom functionality can be created either using the built-in tools or piggybacking off of them. Our entire solution is modular based which allows for new types of functionality to be added without the need for external plugins. It also has a rich API system meaning you can integrate with many other solutions that exist today or will exist in the near future.

Create a sound design and content strategy.

With a good technology in place, the other key is to ensure your site is built with best-practice methods in mind including a systematic approach to design, a well thought out content strategy, and intuitive administration. All this ensures that any new changes required to improve the client user experience over time can be easily implemented, with minimal cost and minimal disruption.

Upgrades and Security

With our solution, you can rest easy knowing that your website is very secure. The beauty of our CMS is everything is built within one homogeneous system. All widgets are built using tools provided by the system. Upgrades and new versions are very backward compatible and are fully tested by an enterprise software team before rolling out to ensure no breaking changes. It is an elegant and seamless system, one that will ensure that you do not need to worry about either security or expensive upgrade costs.

We recommend upgrading the software once a year as Sitefinity releases one major release and three minor releases each calendar year. If you would prefer to keep the software updated with each minor release as well, that is an option too.

Sitefinity, simply put, is a much more user-friendly, developer-friendly, search-engine friendly, and administration-friendly website platform than any other solution on the market.

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