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Goodmans: Website and Development


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Goodmans LLP is internationally recognized as one of Canada’s leading law firms for M&A, capital markets, securities and finance, private equity, real estate, tax, restructuring, dispute resolution, and other business-related specialties.

The firm approached Cubicle Fugitive to design and develop a WCAG AA-compliant website that could expand and grow with the firm. Their current CMS was aging, and many administrative functions were manual and cumbersome to update. Having had their site live for over a decade, they desired a website that aptly positioned the firm and visually embodied a look as sophisticated as their professionals.

Throughout the brand and discovery process, the Cubicle Fugitive team developed a keen understanding of the pragmatic and intuitive approach Goodmans LLP applies to their work. Our design team created a modern and minimalist website to represent this visually. The layout utilized white space and clean lines to create a crisp and professional website. Knowing that Goodmans LLP supports Canadian artists, the Cubicle Fugitive team worked with a photographer to capture the firm’s collection of paintings and sculptures and profile several pieces throughout the website.

As a firm, Goodmans LLP is committed to providing its clients with a meaningful experience, and so our team reimagined the taxonomy and architecture of the site so that a user could navigate the content and modules easily. To support the firms’ efforts, Cubicle Fugitive created a sophisticated enterprise search component that allows website administrators and clients to input customized search choices. This search function assists clients with advanced navigation while offering an administrator the ability to edit content in the CMS from the external website seamlessly.

Our team reimagined the taxonomy and architecture of the site so that a user could navigate the content and modules easily.

To fully articulate life at Goodmans and aid the firm in its recruitment and retention efforts, our team strategically reimagined the website’s Our Firm and Recruitment sections to reflect its culture. This included showcasing photography with the firm members, their involvement in the community, and their initiatives. The firm also created meaningful content indicative of working at Goodmans LLP.

With a vast body of litigation work and transactions, the Cubicle Fugitive team reimagined the Featured Work section of the site, incorporating an archive database allowing the user to navigate past work archives quickly. We also worked with the internal marketing team to create a robust and expansive database of the firm’s numerous awards and recognition. We also rethought the CPD Goodmans Presents section, increasing user engagement by including custom icons and streamlined the insights section of the website by merging several external blog sites to create a robust and seamless experience for clients. 

The partnership between Goodmans LLP and Cubicle Fugitive has yielded impressive results. The collaboration has resonated with clients through a cohesive brand strategy and captivating website design. The new site provides seamless access to valuable insights and resources, a customized database for quick updates, an enhanced search feature, and improved optimization for search engines and clients. Overall, this dynamic partnership has positioned Goodmans LLP as a cutting-edge firm ready to meet the demands of today’s digital landscape.

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