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Serve up a personalized experience for your users.

Personalization and Client Experience Optimization

As users, we have become accustomed to recommendation engines with consumer products and appreciate a website that takes into consideration our preferences, needs, and previous search habits to provide us with options and information that meets our needs and enhances our experience.

As we become more sophisticated and demand customized experiences, it is imperative that firms adopt a personalization strategy.

Your clients, prospective employees, and referrers are looking for a frictionless, intuitive, and efficiently customized online journey; luckily, technology has caught up to the point that most firms can offer this to their users.

For firms that serve several disparate target markets or clients around the world, we highly recommend considering designing and developing a website that allows for different visitor journeys depending upon the user’s geographical location, what they have searched for, and where they have come from. While this is only available in a premium version of our platform, our software provides individual journey management and content personalization meaning you can track and analyze each individual visitor’s movement through your site as well as provide customizable content to visitors based on a wide range of metrics including geographic location, google search keyword, browser history, user-role (if logged in), Salesforce data and much more.

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