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Professional bio photos you want to share.

Corporate Headshots and Photography

Photography is an essential aspect of any web design project and it is, therefore, important that any imagery aptly represent the firm’s desired messaging and attitude.

Given that bios are such an important portion of a professional service website, we strongly recommend that our clients update their photos regularly and invest in professional images when the time comes.

We work with a few great photographers, however, we are more than happy to art direct and coordinate any necessary photography with someone of your choice. Not only will we work with the firm and the photographer to ensure the desired image is captured and conveyed, but we are experienced with managing photoshoots at multiple offices, as well as working with stylists to guarantee everyone at your firm is camera-ready.

We recommend art directing the first day of your shoot to make certain the firm’s brand is incorporated into the style of the images, the positioning of the subject within the frame will work for both your new website and any ongoing advertising and print requirements, take care to have the professional’s personality and character captured in your new photos, and ensure the new visual style can be replicated consistently with new hires at any of your offices without requiring us to be present. We can also assist with any post-production work or guidance on using themes, styles, filters, and other techniques for a unique look and feel.

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