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Fillmore Riley: Website Design and Development


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In conjunction with the refresh of the firm's brand, Fillmore Riley embarked on a complete redesign and development of their website with Cubicle Fugitive. Through extensive research and analysis, we gained deep insights into Fillmore Riley's current site, competitor websites, and market positioning. This comprehensive understanding guided us in designing and developing a modern, clean, and sophisticated website that showcases the firm's professionalism, expertise, and unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional legal services.

The redesigned website embodies Fillmore Riley's premium brand image and is a valuable resource for clients, partners, and potential clients seeking legal guidance. Its elegant design features clean lines, a modern layout, and a refined colour palette, creating a visually pleasing and engaging user experience. To further enhance the website's visual appeal, we animated the firm's trademark lines and text, adding a dynamic element to captivate visitors.

Navigation on the site is intuitive, ensuring easy access to relevant information and enabling users to find the services and expertise they need quickly. One of the website's standout features is its comprehensive content, which provides a wealth of information to educate and inform visitors. From detailed practice areas and industry expertise to lawyer profiles and publications, Fillmore Riley offers valuable insights. Regularly updated content, including insights, news, and events, demonstrates the firm's expertise to search engines and increases the website's visibility and engagement.

One of the website's standout features is its comprehensive content, which provides a wealth of information to educate and inform visitors.

Fillmore Riley's website incorporates robust SEO features to maximize online visibility and attract organic traffic. This includes thorough keyword research to integrate strategically relevant terms and phrases throughout the website's content, optimizing page titles, headings, meta descriptions, and body text. Best practices for on-page optimization, such as optimizing website loading speed and ensuring a clear and logical site structure, further enhance search engine rankings. The website's user-friendly functionality, including contact forms, online payments, and consultation requests, facilitates seamless communication with Fillmore Riley's team of legal professionals. Advanced search and filtering features enhance navigation while adhering to WCAG compliance and accessibility standards.

The website's responsive design ensures optimal browsing experiences across devices and screen sizes, allowing visitors to access crucial legal information and services effortlessly, whether using a desktop or mobile device. Fillmore Riley's website is a powerful digital platform that effectively communicates the firm's values, expertise, and commitment to delivering exceptional legal solutions. It is a compelling introduction for potential clients and an invaluable resource for existing clients, reinforcing Fillmore Riley's reputation as a leading law firm.

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