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Lerners LLP: Advertising Campaign


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Lerners LLP recently rebranded its firm and wanted to promote its new visuals and messaging through a new campaign to prospective clients. They reached out to Cubicle Fugitive, a leading professional services marketing company, to develop an advertising strategy to enhance their brand equity and reinforce their presence in the market.

We started with a thorough discovery process, which included reviewing the firm’s new brand guidelines, performing preliminary research, and conducting interviews with key stakeholders. We proposed a comprehensive campaign to effectively communicate Lerners’ values and services to current and prospective clients, referrals, and recruits.

The campaign aimed to promote Lerners’ new brand identity, focusing on personalized legal services and understanding their clients’ unique needs and goals. Cubicle Fugitive created an overarching concept that resonated across different practice groups and regions in digital and print mediums.

The campaign emphasized Lerners’ comprehensive expertise, compassionate approach, and commitment to achieving the best outcomes for clients in Family Law, Business Law, and Personal Injury. The Family Law Campaign centred on offering compassionate, expert guidance for professionals through challenging times. At the same time, the Business Law Campaign positioned Lerners as a critical partner for businesses across various stages and sectors. The Personal Injury Campaign communicated Lerners’ commitment to advocating for clients’ recovery and well-being.

The campaign emphasizes authenticity in its imagery, focusing on genuine people in real-life situations to create a visual narrative that resonates with a diverse audience across genders, ages, and backgrounds. A central figure in each image captures the essence of the message, set against a backdrop of warm, welcoming colours to evoke a range of emotions from joy to contemplation. The goal is to inspire hope and positivity, reinforcing the brand’s commitment to supporting clients through all life’s moments, thus solidifying its position as a trusted ally.

The overarching theme across all practice areas was Lerners’ focus on the client - their future, family, and success. Cubicle Fugitive created the campaign in print and digital formats, allowing Lerners’ internal marketing team to adapt and resize ads for various formats, ensuring consistency and flexibility.

The project was comprehensive and included discovery and research, conceptualization, copywriting, design, and the execution of the campaign through a series of print ads.

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