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Lerners LLP: Brand Guidelines


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Cubicle Fugitive collaborated with Lerners’ marketing team to update the firm’s brand guidelines after launching a new brand and advertising campaign.

These guidelines ensure consistency and integrity across all marketing and communication efforts. They provide a blueprint for how a brand should present itself to the world, ensuring that every interaction with customers, partners, and the public reflects its values, personality, and goals. Guidelines are essential to creating a coherent and consistent brand experience that resonates with audiences, supports marketing objectives, and protects the brand’s legal and professional integrity.

After the final advertising campaign was approved, Cubicle Fugitive created an updated roadmap with new guidelines. The new brand proposition, “Our Focus is You,” encapsulates a client-centred approach, highlighting personalized legal solutions and exceptional results. This message emphasizes Lerners’ commitment to understanding and addressing clients’ legal needs with dedicated attention and expertise, ensuring clients feel prioritized and supported throughout their legal journey.

To bring the new Lerners LLP brand to life, Cubicle Fugitive provided the internal marketing team with detailed guidelines for the structure of new ad layouts, copy, and images. Overall, Cubicle Fugitive was vital in creating a comprehensive ad campaign and providing corresponding advertising guidelines for Lerners LLP to maintain the integrity of their new client-focused advertising and positioning strategy.


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