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Don’t just write; communicate with purpose.

Communications Strategy

Every marketer will tell you that content is King, but not every marketer will tell you how to take content and make it work for your audiences, firms, and platforms. The truth is that a well-thought-out communications strategy and plan, like the ones we offer at Cubicle Fugitive, are not just important; they are crucial. In fact, they are almost as important as the actual content you are writing or creating.

Communications Planning

In today’s world, content doesn’t just include written articles; it’s video, social media, webinars, images, and so much more. At Cubicle Fugitive, we assist our clients in developing a communications strategy and plan that outlines the business needs that your content will address, who it needs to reach, when it needs to get to them, and the strategy and tactics that will get it there. We also provide content pillars, topics, and keyword research to help you create diversified content and provide calendarized schedules for social media and website content to keep you on track.

Our communications strategy supports the creation of engaging content that aligns with your audiences and their needs.

Our plans can address a variety of business objectives, including:

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