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Teal: Communications and Brand Naming Strategy for the Merger of Aligned Technology Solutions (ATS) and TechGen


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Industry leaders recommended Cubicle Fugitive to Aligned Technology Solutions (ATS) and TechGen for assistance with rebranding their companies for a pending merger. Our team was tasked with crafting a new name and visual corporate identity that embodies the two company’s core values of helpfulness, care, customization, and forward-thinking solutions. Our engagement encompassed updating their name, logo, fonts, tagline, and overall visual brand representation to impact the marketplace and effectively announce the partnership.

After meticulously analyzing their existing names, we recommended new, distinctive brand names that align with the merged entity’s values and market positioning. Our top recommendation was a concept that partners had brainstormed, ‘Teal,’ a name that symbolizes calmness, security, knowledge, truth, joy, and promise, all attributes that resonate with the company’s philosophy. We also presented additional options inspired by concepts of clarity, support, integrity, and innovation, all of which were tailored to ensure uniqueness, domain availability, and cultural appropriateness.

‘Teal,’ a name that symbolizes calmness, security, knowledge, truth, joy, and promise, all attributes that resonate with the company’s philosophy.

Our recommended names adhered to several critical criteria, including brevity and ease of pronunciation to facilitate memorability and word-of-mouth referrals, distinctiveness from generic industry names, offering a unique identity, a compelling backstory to foster an emotional connection with audiences, avoidance of clichés, and consideration for future scalability and market evolution, domain and trademark availability to ensure a seamless online presence and cross-cultural sensitivity to accommodate diverse target demographics.

Our process was not limited to the company’s internal aspects. We also meticulously analyzed competitor branding, identifying opportunities for differentiation and a stronger market presence. The new brand name was carefully selected through a comprehensive checklist focusing on memorability, uniqueness, spelling ease, market appropriateness, and timelessness. By adopting a carefully chosen new name and refreshed brand identity, the company not only signalled their significant transformation but also reinforced its commitment to innovation, quality, and customer-centric solutions. We were thrilled to have been a part of this exciting journey with ATS and TechGen and are confident of the positive impact the new Teal brand identity will have on the industry.

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