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Miller Thomson: Employer Brand Campaign


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After conducting a thorough discovery process, we collaborated with Miller Thomson to develop several employer branding campaigns. Our objective was to present an authentic and accurate depiction of what it’s like to work at Miller Thomson and to drive recruitment efforts across various positions within the firm. The campaign needed to align with the firm’s client-facing brand while appealing to prospective employees.

After conducting a comprehensive brand audit, we uncovered that Miller Thomson is dedicated to fostering a firm-first culture that values teamwork and collaboration while respecting individuality. The firm actively invests in its people and resources to meet its clients’ current and future needs. The firm looks for people who are intelligent, driven, hardworking, open to new ideas, and have the desire and tenacity to take ownership of their careers. The firm provides endless opportunities for growth and development, and employees can become part of something bigger than themselves by making a real difference in the lives of their colleagues, the firm, and its clients.

Through a LinkedIn campaign, Miller Thomson aimed to generate excitement and interest in working at the firm. We collaborated to develop three distinct concepts, each so well-liked that the firm decided to roll them out in phases. The first campaign, “Find Your Potential at Miller Thomson,” focused on inspiring potential candidates by highlighting the opportunities for career growth and personal development at Miller Thomson. The campaign communicated the firm’s commitment to innovation, teamwork, and individual success through headlines, visuals, and video options. The key messages emphasized the value of feeling appreciated, fostering a supportive environment, and the belief that employees do their best work when they feel they matter. The campaign encouraged prospective employees to “find their spark,” emphasizing that Miller Thomson is where ambitious individuals can thrive and achieve their career heights.

We created a campaign to showcase the daily work experience of a Miller Thomson employee using video and stock images. Our aim was to encourage potential candidates to apply to the firm to reach their full potential. The campaign was launched in both French and English during the fall of 2023. The firm received positive feedback both internally and externally, and it also saw an increase in the number of applications.

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