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Lawson Lundell LLP: Yellowknife Airport Video Advertisement


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Lawson Lundell LLP is a full-service business law firm providing practical and strategic legal advice to clients across Western and Northern Canada. Focusing on their Northern Canadian client base, the firm wanted to create a video advertisement that would be played at the Yellowknife Airport. The purpose of the video advertisement was to promote brand awareness for Lawson Lundell LLP and emphasize the strength of the firm’s practice in Canada’s North. Given the Yellowknife Airport’s role as a major hub for businesses and communities across Northern Canada, it proved to be a strategically advantageous location for Lawson Lundell LLP’s advertising initiatives.

The firm provided our team with a mood board that conveyed their desired visual aesthetic, prominently featuring powerful imagery of Canada’s North with a particular focus on capturing the essence of the Yellowknife region. Lawson Lundell LLP also requested that their tagline, “Your True North Legal Advisors,” be incorporated in the advertisement, conveying a strong sense of legal guidance. 

Inspired by the firm’s mood board and existing advertisements, our team crafted a compelling video that showcased Lawson Lundell LLP’s legal expertise in the Northern regions of Canada, seamlessly integrating the firm’s brand visuals and messaging. 

Our creative team worked with the client to draft impactful copy that highlighted the firm’s legal services, emphasizing their deep roots in Northern Canada. This copy was complemented by a selection of curated videos that prominently displayed Yellowknife, as well as other locations across the Northwest Territories. Cubicle Fugitive provided art direction, video post-production, and animation services for this project, including creating an animated version of the firm’s logo.

Lawson Lundell LLP was impressed with the results of the video advertisement, appreciating how strongly their legal services to business owners and operators in Canada’s North were communicated. The firm continues to engage our team on a variety of marketing initiatives. 

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