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Fillmore Riley: Anniversary Logo


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Filmore Riley, a prominent full-service law firm based in Manitoba, approached Cubicle Fugitive to commemorate their impressive 140-year milestone with a specially crafted anniversary logo. Given their longstanding dedication to providing transaction and litigation services across Canada, it was imperative that the logo not only celebrated this rich history but also seamlessly integrated with their existing brand.

Our goal was to design a logo that aligned with the firm’s current visual identity, adhering to the rigorous brand guidelines established through Cubicle Fugitive’s strategic branding process. These guidelines encompassed specific details regarding the firm’s colour palettes, font choices, and line elements—all of which are prominently featured on their website.

Our dedicated design and marketing team worked diligently to create a logo that paid homage to Filmore Riley’s significant achievement without compromising its modern and established brand identity. The client ultimately favoured a design directly inspired by the font and background elements showcased on their website. This choice proved to be a perfect match, seamlessly blending with their brand while radiating a contemporary and easily legible aesthetic.

By crafting an anniversary logo that honours 140 years of achievement, we’ve created a celebratory piece that will become a cherished part of the firm’s history as it continues to provide exceptional legal services. The resulting design seamlessly integrates with the firm’s visual identity, offering a fitting tribute to its enduring legacy.

Congratulations to Filmore Riley on this remarkable milestone!

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