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Fillmore Riley: Social Media Advertising and Marketing


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As part of our collaboration with Fillmore Riley, Cubicle Fugitive recognized the importance of extending the newly developed brand strategy and visual identity to the firm's social media accounts. To effectively communicate the brand image and values across these platforms, the Cubicle Fugitive team executed and prepared Canva templates that precisely reflected the client's new brand identity.

While the website embraced a clean and minimalistic design focusing on content, the challenge for the team lay in translating the brand's essence into a highly visual social media feed. The social media visuals needed to remain modern and minimalist while still drawing attention from the viewer. Additionally, the team had to tackle composition challenges to ensure consistency across all social media channels.

The social media visuals needed to remain modern and minimalist while still drawing attention from the viewer.

Working closely with Fillmore Riley, Cubicle Fugitive developed a solution that appropriately incorporated photography into the social media feeds. This involved creating multiple design iterations that ingeniously utilized imagery while addressing potential compositional issues.

The outcome of this collaborative effort was the provision of easy-to-use templates to Fillmore Riley, facilitating a seamless alignment with the new brand throughout their social media channels. These templates served as a cohesive visual guide, ensuring the brand's identity and messaging remained consistent across various social media platforms.

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