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PACE Technical: Brand Strategy and Positioning


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PACE Technical is a leading enterprise-managed service provider (MSP) in Ontario, offering a wide range of IT solutions to small and mid-sized businesses across various industries since 2000. With expertise in cloud configurations, cybersecurity, data privacy, and generalized IT services, they are dedicated to delivering exceptional results and providing an impeccable client experience. Backed by ISO 9001:2015 certification and recognition from industry leaders, PACE Technical ensures a best-in-class managed IT experience by recommending and integrating the best applications, workflows, and systems to enhance productivity and eliminate client downtime.

In 2022, they approached Cubicle Fugitive to assist them with their merger communications and to develop a new brand for their company. PACE Technical joined Vertex Solutions to leverage IT as a competitive advantage and lower client technology costs while retaining their commitment to personalized, proactive care and industry-specific expertise.

Brand Name Audit and Review

PACE Technical and Vertex Solutions were prominent managed services IT firms considering a new name after their merger. They approached Cubicle Fugitive, who followed a thorough and strategic approach in selecting a unique name that resonated with employees and clients alike. The goal was to create a memorable and easy-to-pronounce name that was also available in terms of domain and trademark registrations. The focus was on uniqueness and relevance, avoiding clichés, and ensuring cross-cultural appropriateness.

It was strategically decided that PACE Technical, which had substantial brand equity and robust search engine rankings, shouldn’t be altered.

Several names were proposed, encompassing characteristics such as trustworthiness, innovation, and professionalism, which aligned with the values of the company’s clientele, who were predominantly decision-makers across various professional sectors. While both parties liked some options, it was strategically decided that PACE Technical, which had substantial brand equity and robust search engine rankings, shouldn’t be altered. Following a comprehensive naming process, it was determined that retaining the name PACE Technical but rebranding it with the visuals of Vertex Solutions would resonate with the market and lay the foundation for future growth and success.

Brand Positioning and Communications

After determining the name of the new entity, Cubicle Fugitive conducted an extensive investigation process with both companies, which involved internal interviews, material audits, competitive analysis, client interviews, and analysis of client feedback surveys and reviews.

With a comprehensive understanding of both MSP companies, Cubicle Fugitive created a new position that included a refreshed visual brand and revamped messaging, highlighting the company’s value proposition to clients and employees. The goal was to create a cohesive and compelling brand identity that resonated with both internal and external stakeholders, effectively communicating the company’s unique benefits and values.

Every section of the website was carefully curated, including compelling descriptions of who PACE Technical is.

Cubicle Fugitive was critical in developing all-new content for PACE Technical’s website. Our writers and brand strategists worked closely with the company to create captivating banners and attention-grabbing headlines that instantly engaged visitors. Every section of the website was carefully curated, including compelling descriptions of who PACE Technical is, its purpose, promise, and core values. In addition, the writers expertly showcased the PACE Advantage, emphasizing the unique benefits clients would experience by choosing their services. Working with the company’s internal marketing team, we provided recommendations and advice on how to craft meaningful and engaging solutions pages that captured the company’s brand voice and the attention of search engines. Cubicle Fugitive also developed industry-specific pages that were thoughtfully designed to cater to the diverse needs of various sectors.

We created a consistent and cohesive new brand voice that effectively showcased PACE Technical’s deep expertise while infusing the brand with a sense of playfulness and personal touch, making it relatable and memorable to its target audience.

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