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PACE Technical: Stationery and Marketing Collateral


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Cubicle Fugitive embarked on a comprehensive rebranding project for PACE Technical, a leading Managed Service Provider, aiming to refresh its visual identity and reinforce its market position. By introducing a new logo, a vibrant colour palette, and contemporary fonts, we set out to create a cohesive brand experience across all business collateral.

With an active and engaged sales team that attended countless events over a year, PACE Technical wanted to create a premium and impactful first business card. We started by selecting an extra thick stock and further elevated the cards with a foil-stamped logo and had the edges painted in the company’s signature yellow, ensuring they stood out in any collection.

We developed digital versions of the company’s letterhead and report templates in line with PACE Technical’s commitment to sustainability and reducing its environmental footprint. These digital assets ensure versatility and consistency across all communications, catering to various business needs while aligning with eco-friendly practices.

PACE Technical wanted to create a premium and impactful first business card.

Additionally, we crafted custom PowerPoint templates that balance aesthetic appeal with user-friendliness. Designed to empower PACE Technical’s team during pitch decks and presentations, these templates facilitate the delivery of compelling narratives and critical messages.

To complement these efforts, we also designed reports and sales covers that align with the new brand identity and a series of eBooks. These materials not only serve to standardize the company’s branding across all touchpoints but also enrich the brand’s storytelling and educational outreach.

Overall, Cubicle Fugitive’s work for PACE Technical represents a strategic blend of design excellence and functional pragmatism, ensuring the company’s brand is communicated with clarity, sophistication, and a lasting impact.

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