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Corman Feiner: Brand Strategy and Positioning


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Corman Feiner engaged the services of Cubicle Fugitive to develop a robust brand strategy that would inform its decision-making processes and establish a prominent presence in the competitive litigation space. The primary objectives were to identify the firm’s unique competitive advantage, create compelling brand messaging that effectively communicates its value proposition to clients, and establish key differentiating factors.

Cubicle Fugitive conducted extensive research and analysis to accomplish these goals. We meticulously interviewed each lawyer within the firm and held in-depth discussions with key clients and referrals to gain valuable insights into both internal and external perceptions, experiences, and expectations. Furthermore, a comprehensive competitive audit was undertaken, which involved a thorough evaluation of Corman Feiner’s competitors, analyzing their messaging, visuals, and overall brand positioning.

Corman Feiner’s founders and associates approach each case with unwavering focus and belief in the law and their capabilities. 

Based on the findings derived from our analysis, Corman Feiner successfully identified a client value proposition that would serve as a guiding principle for expanding its client base. Additionally, we pinpointed critical areas in the litigation market where the firm could differentiate itself effectively.

Corman Feiner’s founders and associates approach each case with unwavering focus and belief in the law and their capabilities. Leveraging their extensive relationships and legal expertise, they provide clients with comprehensive support throughout the legal process. The firm’s commitment to a new law firm experience, driven by cutting-edge technology, efficiency, and innovative legal theory applications, allows them to bridge the gap between traditional legal knowledge and groundbreaking practices. As a result, Corman Feiner has cultivated strong relationships with clients and earned a reputation for integrity among both clients and colleagues.

Cubicle Fugitive delivered a comprehensive set of recommendations that will guide Corman Feiner’s marketing and advertising materials, facilitating informed decision-making as the firm pursues its goal of enhancing its reputation, expanding in size, and attracting a broader client base. Additionally, we provided meticulously crafted website content that effectively conveys the client’s value proposition and will seamlessly integrate with the firm’s website and future marketing material.

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