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Aug 17, 2011
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The whats and whys

By: Kalvin MacLeod

While the next post is going to actually start fleshing out Cubicle Fugitive's process and outline where we're at with design and strategy, I thought I'd just quickly address some of the questions that have arisen from the intense media glare so far. Because we're already tired of the requests for information and interviews we thought this might be a great place to store some answers to the what-we-think-are obvious questions:

Since you call yourselves a design agency, why does your blog have no design?

Because we're starting from the beginning and in the beginning there was simplicity. We strongly believe that design should not dictate strategy. We felt that the best way to build our brand would be to think about who we are (a professional services marketing firm) and where our expertise lies (legal marketing, health care marketing, etc.) first and then match our design to these principles and skills. Once the strategy is in place, the design will just flow (right Morgan? right Chris?).

I would also argue that the absence of design is design in and of itself.

What is the point of this project?

The point is transparency. Simple as that. Marketing, Branding, Web Design, SEO, it can all be fairly confusing and overwhelming. We're trying to make it less so. We want our clients to understand the process and enjoy the adventure.

How often will this blog be updated?

First. This is more than just a blog. This is the beginnings of a full-blown, client and search engine friendly website. The blog is but one part from which we'll be building out. Our end goal is quite ambitious and will utilize many cutting-edge techniques to display our content in the most intuitive and SEO optimized manner possible.

Second. This blog is our public tracker of all things Cubicle Fugitive. We're going to pour our hearts out here and see if any one cares. Some of our posts will be very high level (e.g. how to choose a legal marketer), some technical (e.g. why free, opensource CMS solutions are not actually free), others still, just simple anectdotes or words of wisdom or straightforward mindscrapes and thought pollution. Quite simply, anything that's helped us shape our brand is ripe for the posting. As for how often we'll be updating, time will tell.

But often, we hope.

What tools are you going to use to pull this off?

As chief tool of this operation, I feel uniquely qualified to answer this question. We use all the standards: The Adobe Suite (although some of us prefer Photoshop and some of us know Fireworks is better), Google's online tools (Analytics, Webmasters, etc.), Visual Studio for development ( Server/Azure), Sitefinity for content management (we don't do open source CMS solutions and don't recommend you use them either). We'll use some in-house measurement tools as well as some well-known off the shelf products (Hootsuite, SEOmoz, Analytics, etc.). It's all fairly standard stuff but when you package it all together and use the tools properly, you end up getting a beautiful, strategic, measurable and actionable marketing plan. It's what we do for our clients and it's what we hope to do for ourselves.

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