Cubicle Fugitive Scribble
Oct 17, 2011

Nip and tuck

By: Morgan MacLeod

It’s funny how putting something to print forces you to commit. At the 11th hour last week – right before we sent our trade show creative off to print and I left for NYC for a much needed vacation – I suddenly realized that I needed to see another iteration of our logo.

Call me crazy, but the one I had agreed to just wasn’t working. I loved when it was big, sliced and diced, but it was still too random for me on its own. It needed some further simplification.

We looked at it line-by-line and curve-by-curve. After a few more hours of stretching and poking, we actually found something that we could all agree on. Something that resembled the logical-anarchy Kalvin craves with the designed-freedom Chris strives for. For me, it’s all about taking something apart, looking at all the pieces and finding the best, most effective way to pull them all back together – and not necessarily the same way the instructions tell you. To me, our “revised” new logo pulls it all together.

So with small trumpets playing here's the final final scribble (we think).


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