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Dec 7, 2011

No Movember

By: Kalvin MacLeod

For us it wasn’t Movember, it was November as in No posts in Movember. What a month. Between tradeshows and speaking engagements we managed to launch nothing new (except – a microsite for our TLOMA conference), made some headway on our own website (not that you can see any of it here), got our photos done, wrote a few articles, advanced a bunch of projects on the go, used whatever precious downtime was available to build LEGO vehicles and cityscapes and basically burnt the candle at both ends.

There really is so much to capture here but so little time. Let’s tackle some of it briefly below:

TLOMA Conference – We work with a lot of area law firms and many are part of TLOMA (The Law Office Management Association). They held their annual conference in Blue Mountain this year and for the first time in CF history we were exhibitors. The event was great, from Friday night dinner and Friday night drinks with the Delegates to the actual tradeshow participation on the Saturday, it was a good time by all. Our super-secret tradeshow giveaway ended up being a popular item (info about it can be found here).

Here are  few random picks:

Branding Speaking Engagement – Morgan spoke at a Lunch and Learn to many local area law office managers at a recent TLOMA event, mainly, in my opinion, to show off her new boots (if you were there you understand).

Photoshoot – Our great friend and often collaborator, Ian Brown, took some time out of his busy schedule to photograph our rag tag crew (and by rag tag, I mostly mean me). I’ve included a few of the shots below. Somehow he made us look like a rockband (of the Nickelback variety) which is no simple feat. Thanks Ian.

Our website progress – I owe this blog a technology post about all the cool features we’ve implemented for our website backend, functionality like sophisticated content modules with intricate interlinking built directly into the functionality, hierarchical content control, social media integrations, megamenus and so much more. That post should also talk about how we decided to end our Azure experiment before it got too far along. Hosting in that particular cloud was expensive, frustrating and of very little added benefit. Sorry Microsoft.

The project whirlwind – Public execution has gone dark because so much is going on behind the scenes here to ready a slew of new brands and sites. We don’t make a habit of talking about projects until they are complete. That habit continues.

So does the habit of sporadic updates...for a little while.

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