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Jan 24, 2012

Free dog food

They say nothing in this world is free. I beg to differ.

When we first got our puppy, we did what every proud new owner does and made the trip to our local pet store. We happily chatted with a very knowledgeable staff, who informed us on making educated decisions about caring for our dog. We bought some food and a few other items we didn’t really need. Over the years we continued to frequent the same shop for our pet supplies. As a courtesy they would often mention their policy - keep your receipts, after 5 purchases, you get a free bag of dog food. So the other night, I strolled in with my 5 receipts, picked up our regular 40LB. bag of food and went to the cash, proudly presenting my receipts. The cashier looked them over and said "yep. You’re good to go. Enjoy"

That’s it? No questionnaire? No requirement to sign over my first born? Not even an ask for an e-mail address. I was surprised. I was at least expecting to have to fill out my name and address. I walked out thinking this is a huge marketing opportunity missed. What a big mistake. But then I thought about how refreshing it was. I was happy, knowing I would continue to purchase from our favourite store. I was in and out in 5 minutes with a free bag of dog food. Not a mini version of our brand, but the same 40 lb. bag we always buy.

In today’s day and age it has become expected that we hand over our information in return for something else - a discount, prize, whatever. Facebook is worth billions because of the amount of personal information they have collected. For once it was nice to experience some old school marketing - come to our store and we’ll reward you in return. No scams, no strings, just pure customer loyalty with no hidden agenda. Sometimes simply being nice can go a long way in building your company, culture and brand.

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