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Apr 4, 2012

March Roundup

By: Kalvin MacLeod

Just a quick update to announce a few recent site launches last month. Insert drumroll if you like, but here they are:

Institute of Law Clerks of Ontario

Established in 1968, the Institute of Law Clerks of Ontario links Law Clerks in a network that establishes and supports the highest professional standards. We redeveloped the site from the ground up to be more user friendly and manageable. The site uses our legal content management system and robust job module management.


MedSleep clinics provide clinical consultation, diagnostic services (sleep testing) and treatment for the full spectrum of sleep disorders. We provided a full site redevelopment and an intuitive and scalable content management system.


AvantSleep is comprised of a team of dedicated Sleep Apnea professionals that guide patients through the entire process including diagnosis, treatment and any ongoing follow-up. We provided design their health care website building the site upon our health care content management system.

Eisenberg Young LLP

Hamilton Immigration Law Firm with two Certified Immigration Specialists. We designed and developed their new site which includes our our legal content management system.

More to come really soon.


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