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Maniacal Merger Escape Room Game

The Greatest Legal Game Ever Made

We might be a little biased when we say this, but we have created the most engaging and exciting legal-themed game yet – Maniacal Merger – Cubicle Fugitive’s original escape room game.

Don’t have a copy? ​Purchase the game here.

Escape rooms have become a wildly popular phenomenon around the world and now firms can bring this fun and challenging game anywhere with minimal set-up required (all you need is the game and Internet access).

We designed and developed Maniacal Merger for optimal fun but that doesn't mean it can't used for business:

  • Play it as a team-building exercise at your next firm meeting; 
  • Use it as an ice-breaker at your next Partner retreat;
  • Give it to new hires as a "welcome" gift

How the game works 

Set in the fictional (but true to life because we know legal) law firm of Smith Smith Smith & Smith LLP, you and your colleagues must race against the clock to stop the firm from being taken over by the sinister-sounding Voodoo LLP. Piece together evidence and solve challenging puzzles to uncover the mystery behind the Maniacal Merger.

If you’ve never heard of an escape room before, don’t worry, the rules are simple: as a team, you will need to work together to read and solve a series of puzzles around a common theme. If you solve all the puzzles in the allotted time of ​60-90 minutes, you win. If you don’t solve the mystery in time, you don’t “escape” and you must return to law school.

You will use the website ( to enter your codes and unlock access to subsequent pieces of the puzzle. The website will instruct you on which envelope or piece to open next and will let you know when you’ve solved the final mystery.​

Are you and your firm up for the challenge?

  • Solve the puzzles as fast as you can
  • Compete against other fir­ms or practice groups
  • Get bragging rights. (view the current high scores.)



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