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Carolyn Thrasher

The Collaborator

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Carolyn Thrasher is a marketing communications professional with more than 13 years of experience in planning and creating a broad range of marcom initiatives. A creative and strategic thinker, Carolyn excels at producing content that engages readers, supports business objectives, and propels brands forward. Her previous projects include print and digital publications, brochures, ads, email marketing campaigns, newsletters, website copy, social media content, webinars, press releases, bios, and speeches.

With a Master’s degree in Journalism, Carolyn credits her education for instilling in her a sense of curiosity, attention to detail and accuracy, and the utmost respect for deadlines. Much of her experience is focused in the professional services sector, having worked with post-secondary institutions, associations, accounting firms, staffing agencies, and law firms.

As Marketing Communications Manager at Cubicle Fugitive, Carolyn plays a key role in developing each client’s voice and message, ensuring that their unique and compelling qualities resonate strategically and consistently across all facets of their brand. You will find Carolyn to be a consummate professional who enjoys working in collaboration and doesn’t take herself too seriously. 

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