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Nerissa Mahoney

Marketing Marvel

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Nerissa Mahoney is a marketing and communications specialist who has over 6 years’ experience helping companies properly position and market their business. She received her Bachelor of Arts in Communications at McMaster University and a diploma in public relations at Mohawk College.

Nerissa’s experience spans a variety of areas including brand management, digital marketing, journalism, social media and more. Her varied and versatile background affords her the ability to see projects and tasks from different perspectives and to come up with creative and effective solutions. 

Nerissa is a dreamer. Acting was her first love and the dreams of performing on the big stage drew her in at an early age. Her passion for communicating stems from attending countless auditions real and imagined. After a few years of walking the red carpet, she realized her talents could better be served by going to school and getting a job where people would pay her to communicate.

After graduating from McMaster University and Mohawk College, she spent a year in Manchester UK where she learned about British culture, traveled the countryside and realized how much she missed home.

Nerissa recently married her very British husband whom she me met in Jamaica (go figure) and married in the Domincan Republic (go figure).

She enjoys long walks on the beach and sunsets. Just kidding. But not really. She’s a closet nerd who likes watching movies in bed and never seeing the sun rise unless it’s on an HGTV show.

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