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William Mauricio

Brand Baker

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William Mauricio is a graphic designer, specializing in branding projects and all aspects of print design including logos, stationery, brochures, catalogues and advertisements. He also has experience designing for web and editing corporate videos. Although he was born in Toronto, his many years of living and studying in Portugal have influenced his unique sense of style and design.

After gaining experience from an internship at Blug, he worked for Oficina Design as a freelance graphic designer. He was also the video editor for VirtualNet. His previous clients include Portuguese companies such as Darapoio, Construções Severo & Fialho, Equiglobal, Sorrisos à Mesa and international companies such as Morocco Journey, a Moroccan travel agency. He is best known for directing the short film "O Livro Preto" and for his minimalistic designs and branding projects around Fátima, Portugal.

As a member of Cubicle Fugitive’s design team, William contributes to a wide variety of projects for developing new brands, collateral, advertising, and websites. His talent, passion, and understanding of branding allows him to transform concepts into striking designs that both creatively and strategically support a client’s goals.”

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