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The Masked DeveloperTechnology


    For reasons known only to the Masked Developer, Mister Eous has asked to remain faceless and nameless. Rest assured, he is a real person who frequently appears unmasked to those who know and work with him.

    An experienced web and app developer with a strong interest in projects that require both conceptual and analytical thinking, the Masked Developer is fully committed to designing and developing innovative web-based materials that users will love.

    With a background in graphic design, Mister Eous intimately understands the nuanced relationship between development and design, always taking great care to ensure each design comes to life through the development process. He is skilled in Adobe Suite, HTML, JavaScript, Swift & REACT, CSS, and JQuery, and has worked on a variety of projects from apps to websites.

    When working with the Masked Developer, clients can count on receiving strategic and direct advice in line with their priorities and goals.


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