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  • Post-Graduate Certificate, Public Relations, Mohawk College
  • Hons. B.A. in Communications, McMaster University (2009)

An insightful and persuasive communicator, Nerissa works with professionals to effectively position and market their businesses, while driving real results to their bottom-line. With a unique ability to conceive a client’s authentic voice in tandem with its visual identity, she develops impactful marketing strategies, campaigns, and deliverables.

Whether it be for a logo, website, advertisement, or marketing collateral, Nerissa works closely with our design and development teams as well as provides strategic advice and guidance to clients in regards to their brand strategy and overall brand management. Her past experience spans a variety of areas including branding, digital marketing, website design and development, and social media management.

With a varied and versatile background, Nerissa develops creative and distinctive marketing solutions tailored to each professional and ensures that everything we deliver is a compelling and accurate reflection of who they are and what they offer.

She prides herself on building meaningful and collaborative relationships with clients. Regardless of the project, Nerissa will make the process – from conception to launch – an enjoyable and seamless experience.

Nerissa’s passion for communicating stems from her childhood dream of being an actor. After a few years of walking the red carpet, she realized her talents could be better served by going to school and getting a job where people would pay her to communicate. She really does enjoy long walks on the beach and sunsets but is happy to never see the sun rise unless it’s on an HGTV show.

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