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Jacob Senior Celebrates 10 Years at Cubicle Fugitive

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Cubicle Fugitive is excited to share that Jacob Senior, our Senior Art Director, is celebrating a significant milestone - his 10th anniversary working with Cubicle Fugitive! Originally from Venezuela, Jacob boasts a remarkable and award-winning 30-year career in graphic design. Over the years, he has founded his own design company and served as an art director, bringing a unique blend of strategy and creativity to each of his projects.

Jacob has found his professional niche working with service providers, but he also has experience leading print and online marketing campaigns for media companies, multinational corporations, and food and beverage retailers. His exceptional work has earned him numerous awards, including the prestigious ANDA award from Venezuela’s National Association of Advertisers and the Product of the Month Award from Producto Magazine.

Over the years, Jacob has become a highly valued member of the Cubicle Fugitive team. Whether he’s collaborating on projects, sending out impressive Spotify playlists, or teaching everyone Spanish, we are proud to have him call Cubicle Fugitive home and congratulate him on this impressive milestone.

Thank you for your dedication and hard work this past decade, Jacob!

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