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Cunningham Bounds: Brand Positioning and Awareness Strategy


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Cunningham Bounds, LLC, is a Mobile, Alabama based law firm specializing in Plaintiff and Complex Litigation. With a long-standing reputation of fighting well above their weight, this law firm has taken on some of the world’s largest organizations to receive just results for their clients. Through skill, tenacity, and meticulous preparation, the firm has achieved precedent setting verdicts and accolades throughout the legal community. Cunningham Bounds has a proven track record in the courtroom, earning them a well-deserved national reputation. As a result of this dedication to litigation, products have become safer, medical policies and procedures have become more effective, and countless individuals have received just compensation for their injuries. They hold people and companies accountable through litigation. 
The legal situation in Mobile, Alabama had become increasingly competitive and, while the firm had been able to attract a desirable repertoire of high-profile cases from across the country largely through excellent work, PR and word-of-mouth reputation, these files were becoming scarce. In recent years there had been an influx of lower-end plaintiff firms that had invested a large sum of money in television advertising and were flooding the market and commoditizing the Personal Injury landscape. These other firms were known to settle cases for far less than they are worth.

Cubicle Fugitive provided the firm with a clear brand position and points for firm differentiation.

Cunningham Bounds hired Cubicle Fugitive to help strategize and articulate a brand position for the firm that is meaningful to referring law firms, current and potential clients, as well as employees of the firm. As part of this process, we interviewed all the attorneys and key personnel at the firm, performed an exhaustive review of all internal and public documentation and research, audited competitors’ websites and consulted best practice industry research to help devise and articulate a brand positioning for the firm. 
Cubicle Fugitive provided the firm with a clear brand position and points for firm differentiation. We took the strategy and realized it through all new content and messaging that was used throughout the firm’s new website, brochures, and advertising campaign. We developed a new tagline “Don’t settle for less.” that is used across all their collateral. Pleased with our ability to capture the firm’s essence and articulate it in the new messaging, the firm retained Cubicle Fugitive to completely rewrite the firm’s messaging and content for their new website, including practice areas and bios. As part of the brand project, we refreshed the firm’s logo and redesigned all their online and offline collateral.
Cunningham Bounds, LLC is a firm of unparalleled litigators and are the premier personal and business plaintiff litigation boutique in Alabama. They’ve earned this reputation through their fanatic dedication, relentless preparation, ingenuity and integrity by which they represent their clients.

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